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The goal of each of our speakers is to proclaim the good news of the Gospel through their specific field and area of expertise. We would love the opportunity to speak to your church, conference or class.


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1517 Publishing works with authors to create Christ-centered, cross-focused books that span various topics and subject matters. As a non-profit, we are committed to paying our authors the value of their work. To view our current resources and latest releases, visit the shop.



New Release | Sexy by: Dr. Jeff Mallinson

We’ve lost the art of being sexy. Sure, we’ve got plenty of casual sex, porn, and sexual freedom to go around, but none of that is sexy. That stuff lacks the joy of transcendence, flirtation, dancing, or genuine intimacy. For some, the solution is louder moralizing and stricter, more legalistic thinking. But what if we reframed the conversation altogether?