We Only Baptize Babies

Often times friends of mine complain about our practice of baptizing infants. I used to take time arguing the fine points of why. But now I just tell them, “We only baptize infants.” It’s true.

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Joel HessJoel Hess
Just a Hallmark Holiday

I’m fairly involved with my church body and district. I’m not much the political type, at least I’ve never seen myself that way. But shortly after I was ordained as a pastor and much due to the influence of Bo Giertz in my ministry, I determined to do what I could to help promote the cause of the Lutheran faith where and when I could. 

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God Is Our Salvation

Our God is the God who flung from His fingertips this universe filled with galaxies and stars, penguins and pulsars, geese and wild grass, Mastiffs and mountains, elephants and evergreens, parrots and potatoes, pacific cod, pears, and potato bugs.

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Easter 101 with Satan

Incredible joy, he will not let this stand. Merciful freedom, he hates every unbound step you take. A risen Savior who crushed his head, he will do everything in his power to drag you down to the pit with him.

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Cindy KochCindy Koch
Eyes May Deceive But Ears Believe!

My mother-in-law, Grandma Kay, is dying. She is in hospice in Wisconsin. Her children and grandchildren come to visit her and to say goodbye. A month ago when my wife, Sonja, was visiting her, she announced to Sonja, “You are a phantom.” 

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