The Gift of Ashes

This cosmic collision between light and dark that will soon be upon us last took place 73 years ago in 1945! No, I don’t speak of World War II, or of Axis and Allied nations. Rather, I speak of Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent) falling on the same day; Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

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David RufnerDavid Rufner
A Knight in the Garden

When I was eleven years old, Camelot was playing on TV on Christmas night. This musical was my first introduction to the King Arthur story. I had always wondered why the world could not be perfect, and this story seemed to wrestle with the idea. 

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Rick RitchieRick Richie
A Good Day to Die

Not too long ago when MS Windows operating systems were rather unstable and prone to crash, my computer employed a set of Windows audio sounds and commands taken from one of my favorite TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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The Authority and Power to Forgive

Contrary to all appearances there are two, and only two, churches in the world. The two brandish the name “Christian”. One, in spite all her voluminous and unattractive flaws, is the external expression of Christ’s church, and the other prances around bearing the name of a “Christian” or “biblical” church.

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Larry HughesLarry Hughes
The Joy of Being A Sinner

When we focus on Christ crucified do we think, "How terrible that Jesus sacrificed Himself for us in this way, yet people just go on sinning," or do we say, "I must be a terrible sinner if God had to suffer such torturous annihilation to rescue me from sin, death, and hell"?

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Donavon RileyDonavon Riley
The Unsexy Church

God’s homes throughout the centuries, from basements to basilicas, have all shared one thing in common: the only reason they’re called God’s house is because the Lord drove up in a U-Haul and moved in.

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Chad BirdChad Bird
The Joy of Repentance

Repentance and joy are two words we don't usually see near each other. It’s not exciting to be told that you are doing something wrong, or worse, that you stink in life! I like how our modern world invented the term ‘constructive criticism’ to dilute the sting of criticism.

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Joel HessJoel Hess