Give Me Eternal Life—My Way!

I remember seeing one of the versions of Night of the Living Dead when I was younger, one in which they used a discarded and forgotten military chemical experiment as the plot device which caused the dead to rise and begin chomping on the living. 

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Ted Rosenbladt
The Myth of Perfect Peace

What comes to mind when you hear the word "peace"? A mountain vista, a misty morning, or a calm sea at dawn? The scent of clean laundry, a gentle spring rain, or the soft glow of Christmas lights? It’s a deeply personal, quiet confidence that we are going to be okay.

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The Gentrification of Church

Paul it seems went through a lot of trouble trying to bring the Christian message to everyone in society, no matter their station in life. I often wonder about that. Studies on the church at Paul’s time and even Paul’s own writings make it clear that the church in his day was made up of mostly slaves, 

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Bror EricksonBror Erickson
Beware It's a Trap

These divisive days are bringing out the worst in pastors and churches. The devil knows just what to do. If he can get congregations and their shepherds excited about anything else except Jesus, he wins. 

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Joel HessJoel Hess