How to Measure the True Christian

The following is an excerpt from Martin Luther’s Commentary on Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians (1535), translated by Haraldo Camacho (1517 Publishing, 2018). Against these empty bubbles and cherished illusions (as I have noted), we teach faith and we give the true measure of faith. First, man should learn from the law to know himself.

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Consider the Lilies

These passages are not the simple commands of some rabbi or wise teacher instructing us to distinguish ourselves from sparrows and ravens. This is the very Word of God - present since the beginning of time - reminding us that our comfort is to be found in Him - in His actions, His love, and His grace. 

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Christ Alone! Yes, But Now What?

Intently listening for the next few words, she held her breath and leaned a little closer. How could this guy know so much about me? Each word burned into her ears, exposing thoughts she could not say out loud, stinging the back of her eyes.

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Cindy KochCindy Koch