Upholding the legacy of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible as was rediscovered through the Lutheran Reformation in 1517.



The Reformation ignited by Martin Luther in 1517 was radical, simply because it was a return. A return to to the heart of God’s message of salvation through the free gift of justification found in in His son, Jesus Christ. Our hope and prayer is that God will ignite another movement of reform in our day—a return to that great rediscovery of the Gospel. Thus, the motion of our mission is backward: back to Scripture; back to Jesus as its center, purpose and fulfillment; and back to seeing God in the face of our neighbor, whoever he or she might be.



1517 powers 9, distinct projects that provide a message of hope, supply theological resources that strengthen congregations, and models ways of engaging the culture in a manner that is thoughtful, courageous, and Christ-centered.

Alongside these six projects, 1517 also oversees a publishing house, speaker circuit and now an online Academy offering free courses from some of the top minds in American theology today. Our work falls into four, separate spheres that unite our projects:

  • Establishing a Thinking Fellowship
  • Empowering New Voices for Proclamation
  • Partnering with Like-Minded Voices for Unity
  • Creating Innovative and Accessible Methods of Learning

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Our Beliefs and Values:

We believe audibly hearing, “You are forgiven!” is at the root of the Gospel of Christ. We want to encourage this proclamation within churches and communities as well as between individuals.

We believe God works through physical means in order to connect sinners with knowledge of Him and the saving power of Christ. By using everyday, normal means such as bread and wine in the Lord’s Supper and water in Baptism, we receive God’s gift of His Son.

Because Holy Scripture is the means by which God has chosen to reveal His Son to us, and thus how He reveals His purpose, promises and own character to us, we want to encourage knowing and understanding His word better.

Regardless of whether you are a pastor, a schoolteacher, a student or a pizza delivery man, we believe a continuation of education centered around the Gospel is another key component to hearing, “You are forgiven!” Our goal is to make educational resources accessible and approachable to any person interested in learning more about theology.


The Gospel is that God the Son freely agreed to die our death for us, to suffer our deserved condemnation and doom in our place. And He didn’t just agree from eternity to do that. He actually did it. On the cross. For free! And for each one of us. 

/  Dr. Rod Rosenbladt /