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1517. The Legacy Project

1517 The Legacy Project serves churches and the world by providing a message of hope for those broken by the church, supplying theological resources that strengthen congregations, and modeling ways of engaging the culture in a manner that is thoughtful, courageous, and Christ-centered.

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Unicorns in Heaven

“Mommy, are unicorns going to be with me in heaven?” Her soft brown eyes adorably blinked in wonder and a hopeful smile grew with every word she spoke. I watched her thoughtful countenance grow more and more excited. I could almost see the sparkly marshmallow clouds she envisioned. Crystal clear blue skies exploding with glistening […]

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Get Him To Christ

“Johnny decided that he didn’t like church. He should be the one to choose what he believes. I don’t want to force him into anything. You know, just let him try a little of everything and maybe something will stick,” she said, already bored with this conversation. This mom’s unconcerned tone of voice about the […]

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