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1517. The Legacy Project

1517 The Legacy Project serves churches and the world by providing a message of hope for those broken by the church, supplying theological resources that strengthen congregations, and modeling ways of engaging the culture in a manner that is thoughtful, courageous, and Christ-centered.

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God’s Final Sentence and Judgment

All Scripture points to the suffering of Christ Jesus. As Jesus says (Luke 24:46-47), Scripture holds up a picture of God before us that promises grace and forgiveness of sin through His innocent suffering and bloody death. As a consequence, whoever believes in His words and works will be saved from God’s judgment and furious […]

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Not The What, But The Who…

It isn’t “what” Christians confess, but “Who” we confess that makes all the difference. What distinguishes Christians from other religions is the “Who” of our confession. As St. Paul writes in his letter to the Philippians (Phil 2:5-11), Christ Jesus is both the subject and object of our confession. Our Christian confession runs in the […]

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Faith Praises God As Giver

Every confession of Christian faith erupts from the fact that God is a giver. Therefore, to say “giver God” is the same as saying “gracious God” and to say God is gracious is to say “faith”. That is, God is trustworthy because He is a gift-giving God. To confess God as gracious is the very […]

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A Pastor May Have The Holy Spirit in Two Ways

What is a Christian to do whose pastor abuses the office of the holy ministry for self-benefit? When a man exploits the pastoral office in service to self-interest how are Christians to distinguish between the person and the office? The answer is simple: a pastor may have the Holy Spirit in two ways. As an […]

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One Victim, One Trauma, One Violent Death

What is it about modern American society that is so dispiriting to people? Even at home, there are great stresses that contribute to a person’s isolation even when he is surrounded by family, friends, and neighbors. For most modern Americans, a close-knit family, intimate friendships, and social unity are ideals more than they are a […]

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Not An Arbitrary and Capricious God

Odin, All Father of the Aesir, is an arbitrary and capricious god. Worshippers offer their sacrifices to him in the hope that he blesses them with health, wealth and, most important, victory in battle. But, despite the integrity of the sacrificer or the purity of the sacrifice, Odin (being an arbitrary and capricious god) may […]

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Jesus Is The Only Picture of God’s Salvific Power We Get

The apostle writes that, “God’s power is made complete in weakness.” In the Bible, we’re taught that God’s cruciform grace is enough. That’s why God’s power isn’t respectable by any earthly measures. It’s too weak. Too passive. Too offensive to people hell-bent on doing good by a show of force. God’s power works entirely by […]

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