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1517 The Legacy Project serves churches and the world by providing a message of hope for those broken by the church, supplying theological resources that strengthen congregations, and modeling ways of engaging the culture in a manner that is thoughtful, courageous, and Christ-centered.




The Gospel as the Dynamite of Salvation and Vocation as the Scaffolding of the Christian Life

A 1517 / Jagged Word Crosspost (I will be teaching a breakout session at the forthcoming Mockingbird Conference. This blog is a foretaste of that lecture. Enjoy. Please check out the Mockingbird Conference and register. See ya there!) Dynamite does one thing well; it blows stuff up. Dynamite is no more than an absorbent material, […]

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Philip Melanchthon: The Method of the “Loci Communes” – 1526

by Philip Melanchthon, translated by Scott L. Keith, Ph.D.; edited by Kurt Winrich Philip Melanchthon (1497-1560), was Martin Luther’s colleague and fellow Reformer. His accomplishments are numerous, but perhaps his most theologically substantial achievement was the writing of the first Protestant systematic theology, the Loci Communes Theologici. To accomplish his ordering of theological topics, Melanchthon used the ancient […]

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Just What Are The Five Solas of the Reformation?

** NOTE: We have been notified that there are some pastors and teachers who will be printing this post in order to hand out to people. We have created a tri-fold version for print in case you might find it useful. CLICK HERE to get it. The Evangelical (Lutheran) Reformation which we celebrate this week […]

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Can Historical Accounts of Miracles Be Trusted?

Drawn principally from John W. Montgomery, “A Critique of Certain Uncritical Assumptions in Modern Historiography,” and adapted by Scott L. Keith. Professional historians frequently assert that “miracles” are not a proper subject for historical investigation. To this end, the English historian and lawyer, F. W. Maitland openly claimed that all the miraculous events recorded in […]

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What Is Truth: Things I Learned In College That Changed My Life

Drawn From Dr. John W. Montgomery, Sensible Christianity As a part of my rather eclectic ungraduated schedule, I took Analytic Philosophy with Dr. Rod Rosenbladt. In many ways, Analytic Philosophy changed my life. As a part of the subject matter of that I course, I learned that twentieth-century analytic philosophers have stressed that all statements […]

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Friendship: Philia and Non-Homosexual Brotherly Love

“Mutual Brotherly Consolation and Forgiveness” Scott L. Keith “As for myself, I judge the loss of all one’s possessions easier to bear than the loss of one faithful friend.” Martin Luther[1] “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” […]

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Justification and Faith

by Philip Melanchthon (from the 1535 Loci Communes), translated by Scott L. Keith, Ph.D., edited by Kurt Winrich As I have said previously, the Gospel is the highest teaching of repentance and remission of sins on account of Christ. Therefore, concerning justification, I say predominantly this: The Gospel wars with sin and teaches that we need Christ to […]

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Concerning the Gospel

by Philip Melanchthon (from the 1535 Loci Communes), translated by Scott L. Keith, Ph.D.[1] The term “Gospel” is extant in the oldest Greek authors. In Homer, the word signifies one who collects a reward by proclaiming happy news[2]. In Aristophanes and Isocrates[3] this word signifies a reward given because of something that was done well, […]

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