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1517. The Legacy Project

1517 The Legacy Project serves churches and the world by providing a message of hope for those broken by the church, supplying theological resources that strengthen congregations, and modeling ways of engaging the culture in a manner that is thoughtful, courageous, and Christ-centered.

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What Do You Tell People Who Already Know the Gospel?

The Gospel. I vividly remember the first time I was asked to preach to a bunch of preachers. Not just preachers, but preachers whom I knew knew the Gospel well. They preached it well. They were the ones who taught me the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for Christ’s sake. I assumed I would need to […]

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How Does A Christian Participate in God’s Holiness?

When the young monk and professor at Wittenberg University, Martin Luther, began to speak out against such time-honored traditions as the cult of saints and holy relics, he was striking at the very heart of what the Church taught about what it meant for a Christian to be holy. What Luther objected to most was […]

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Can You Be a Christian Without Your Rituals and Traditions?

A 1517 / Jagged Word Crosspost Take away your church’s rituals and traditions. What’s left? Can you be a Christian without your rituals and traditions? Take away liturgy, and hymns, and sermons. What about now? Can you still be a Christian without them? Take away the water, words, bread and wine. Can you be a […]

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