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1517 The Legacy Project serves churches and the world by providing a message of hope for those broken by the church, supplying theological resources that strengthen congregations, and modeling ways of engaging the culture in a manner that is thoughtful, courageous, and Christ-centered.

The Great Comfort That You Are A Sinner

What differentiated Martin Luther from other theologians, even to this day, is that he found great comfort in the knowledge that he was a sinner. For in the knowledge of sin God’s grace overshadowed the sinner. In his Romans lectures Luther flooded his students daily with this insight. As he said on one occasion: “God […]

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Cleaning Up Christmas

Gold and silver drip from the Christmas Tree. Soft angelic music floats around the dimly lit room. A warm fire crackles in the background. Neatly wrapped packages sparkle with anticipation for Christmas Morning. Standing back and admiring this perfect Christmas moment, I quickly snap a picture. Luckily, I preserved that millisecond of impending Christmas Joy. […]

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